5 reasons why LG solar panels are so good

Solar is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as both homeowners and businesses look to this renewable energy source to cut their electricity bills. And as the industry grows, so do your panel options. However, the bewildering number of brands on the market can make choosing a solar panel feel like a daunting challenge.  

While many solar panels look the same, they are not all made equally. So here are five reasons why LG panels outperform their rivals. 


Solar is a big investment, so you want to know it’s going to deliver. LG panels can be more expensive than other brands, but they produce more electricity than standard panels due to their ultra-efficient cell technology. This saves you more money in the long run than if you’d plumped for a cheaper option.


All solar panels degrade over time so their electricity-generating capacity wanes. An average panel can lose around 0.8% of its output every year, which works out at a 20% loss over a typical 25-year lifespan. However, LG panels are more durable, losing no more than 0.6% of their capacity annually.  So by year 25, they give you at least 6% more energy than their competition. 


While LG panels are a similar physical size to a 270-watt panel, they pack more of a power punch generating up to 22% more electricity per m2. That means you need fewer panels on your roof to power your home. And one of the reasons why they’re so powerful is that they have a special anti-reflective coating that absorbs more light for longer. So they can produce electricity in early mornings and late afternoons when other manufacturers’ panels can’t.  


Quite simply, LG panels don’t break. That’s because of their extremely strong double-wall aluminium frames, as well as LG’s rigorous in-house performance testing that goes beyond international standards. As a result, their panels are rated to withstand 90°C temperatures and wind loads of 5,400pa on the front side and 4000 Pa on their rear. 


For ultimate peace of mind, LG panels come with a 25-year warranty – 15 years more than the industry standard.  

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