Invest in Solar Technology, invest in your future

Ray Meeuwisse is the Electrican in Midwest Solar & Electrical which he runs with his wife Kim. He grew up in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW and moved to Cowra in 2001. He has been an electrican for 40+ years and heavily involved in the Solar Industry for the last 9 years.

The solar industry is fast moving and technology is advancing all the time. Ray is always on the lookout for the perfect equipment for his jobs that provide excellent results with better than expected efficiency. He has a network of reliable suppliers that he utilizes to achieve this. Always upskilling and training with product manufacturers.

Ray runs the only local Solar Dealer and Installer in Cowra. He has seen many Solar Sales companies come and go. Leaving some of their clients without any warranty or service available. Solar telemarketers and door knocking salesman cannot provide the extensive knowledge and service that Ray can.

Ray and his family are well known members of the Cowra community. They help support local small business and Ray is involved with the Cowra Business Chamber.