Meet Ray – your local solar power expert

Powering your home with solar energy can slash your electricity bills and increase your property’s value. Better yet, when your system produces more energy than you need, you can sell the excess back to the grid.

Midwest Solar & Electrical can help your home or business switch to solar. We’re a local business founded by Ray Meeuwisse, an electrician with over 40 years of experience and a well-known member of the Cowra community.

Ray has been heavily involved in the solar industry for years. During this time, he’s seen solar companies come and go, leaving clients without any warranty or service available. He’s also encountered pushy salespeople who only care about getting you to sign on the dotted line. They can’t provide the extensive knowledge and service that Ray can, particularly as the solar industry is fast-moving with technology advancing all the time.

Ray’s knowledge of solar technology is extraordinary. What’s more, he’s always on the lookout for quality, high-performing solar products and has a network of reliable suppliers on call. So you know he’ll recommend the best solar solution based on your needs and budget.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Read on to learn how we helped our customers use the sun’s energy to cut their power bills.

Case study 1

A large steel manufacturing factory in Condobolin wanted to reduce their power bill significantly given their high energy consumption.

After contacting Midwest Solar & Electrical, we designed and installed a solar system in just two days that produces in excess of 200 kilowatt hours per day. This should cut their energy costs by at least 90%. The solar system is fully monitored, allowing the client to track its solar production and usage.

Safety concerns were a priority during the installation as the factory building was about 10 metres in height. The installation team used safety rails, harness points and an all-terrain scissor lift to raise panels onto the roof area. The mezzanine level inside the building allowed easy access to run the DC cabling and heavy-duty solar conduit back to the solar inverter, which was installed on the southern wall of the building.

System details:

  • 88 Risen Energy 400-watt solar modules to create a total of 35.2 kilowatts of solar power
  • Fronius ECO 27-kilowatt, 3-phase inverter oversized by 133% to function more efficiently and produce more kilowatt hours per day

Case study 2

Meet Telescope Tyres & Batteries, a leading supplier of tyres, wheels, wheel alignments, mechanical repairs and more in Cowra.

To reduce their power bills by at least 80%, we installed 60 Risen Energy 400-watt solar panels and a Fronius Symo 20-kilowatt 3-phase inverter (oversized by 120% to work more efficiently) in just two days.

As the factory’s roof is 7 metres high, the installation team used an all-terrain scissor lift and safety rails with full-body harnesses to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Cables and conduit were installed inside the building using a scissor lift and knuckle boom, which were made available by the builder.

The solar system is fully monitored, allowing the client to track its solar production and usage.

Case study 3

This client was faced with a bill of $150,000 to connect their property to the grid. Baulking at the high cost, they approached Midwest Solar & Electrical for a solution.
As they were off-grid, we designed and installed a solar system supplying 12 kilowatts of solar energy and 36-kilowatt hours of battery storage that can power their property without any interruptions. Better yet, the total system cost less than a third of the grid connection, saving the client a significant amount of money.

The system we provided consisted of:

  • Power Plus Energy lithium batteries, Australian-manufactured and known for their reliability, durability and high performance
  • Fronius string solar inverters, which are three-phase and capable of handling the large amount of solar energy generated by the system
  • Selectronic 482 SP Pro battery inverter, Australian-manufactured and designed to ensure the system functions at optimal levels

Case study 4

With this job, the challenge was to provide the client with a large, cost-effective solar system that could reliably supply them with power after they were quoted $180,000 to connect to the grid.

Our solution cost the client a fraction of this at only $48,000 and consisted of 12 kilowatts of solar panels and 36 kilowatt hours of battery storage, with Australian-made Power Plus Energy lithium batteries.

To complete the setup, we installed a Fronius solar inverter and Selectronic 482 SP Pro Australian-manufactured battery inverter.