Aurora Battery Ready Inverter

Make sure your solar power system is compatible with the future of solar power – solar battery storage.

By taking to time now to consider a solar inverter that can benefit you when battery systems become more prevalent, you can significantly save by simply adding batteries to your existing set up.

Midwest Solar & Electrical have always used ABB Aurora inverters in our Solar Power systems due to features such as :

  • Extensive warranty backing including travel and labour allowance
  • Flexible design options to ensure the best design and yields for customers
  • Impressive operating efficiency
  • Made in Italy with excessive quality control

Now we will be provide Aurora inverters to be fully compatible with SP Pro battery storage options. This will mean with a SP Pro compatible Aurora inverter you will able to add battery storage into your system without the need for expensive additional costs involved with adding in a new inverter or replacing your existing unit.

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of solar now and efficiently build upon your system in the future to produce more power and store it for your night usage rather than having to start again with a new system, scraping your old one and relinquishing its now lost, future potential savings.

To further re-enforce the concept of a solar power system installed now but designed for the long term we have coupled the Aurora inverter with our high efficiency LG Neon Panels 300 to 320

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