Futureproof your solar system with a battery-ready inverter

Many people who install solar systems think they won’t need any solar storage capacity. But, later on, they often change their minds.

Unfortunately, if your existing inverter is solar-only, adding batteries means you’ll have to buy a new battery inverter – while scrapping your old one (and losing out on all its future potential savings).

Fortunately, you can future-proof your system with a Fronius-certified inverter by Selectronic,
which is fully compatible with the latest lithium brand battery technology.

As a result, you can avoid shelling out for expensive additional technology when the time comes for you to add a battery.

We’re big fans of Selectronic inverters at Midwest Solar & Electrical. That’s because they also come with features such as:

  • Extensive warranty backing, including travel and labour allowance
  • Flexible design options to ensure the best design and yields for customers
  • Impressive operating efficiency
  • Excessive-quality control

Want a high-performance solar system now and in the future? Then combine the Selectronic inverter with our high-efficiency REC panels (350-450 watts).

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